Praxis Core for Dummies, with Online Practice Tests (For Dummies (Career/Education))

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Carla C. Kirkland, Chan Cleveland
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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with the Praxis Core 5

Chapter 1: Previewing the Praxis 7

Chapter 2: Getting Ready for Test Day 11

Chapter 3: Practicing the Praxis: Trying Out Some Practice Questions 17

Part II: Mastering Math Concepts 35

Chapter 4: Count on It: Number and Quantity 37

Chapter 5: Introducing Letters: Algebra and Functions 59

Chapter 6: Grasping Geometry Concepts 81

Chapter 7: Pinning Down Statistics and Probability 111

Chapter 8: Test-Taking Strategies for Core Math 129

Part III: Refining Your Reading Comprehension Skills 139

Chapter 9: Reading Comprehension: Finding Meaning and Identifying Purpose 141

Chapter 10: Test-Taking Strategies for Core Reading 161

Part IV: Fine-Tuning Your Writing Skills 169

Chapter 11: Acing the Essay 171

Chapter 12: Giving Grammar a Glance 183

Chapter 13: Test-Taking Strategies for Core Writing 213

Part V: Tackling Praxis Core Practice Tests 223

Chapter 14: Practice Exam 1 225

Chapter 15: Practice Exam 1: Answers and Explanations 265

Chapter 16: Practice Exam 2 309

Chapter 17: Practice Exam 2: Answers and Explanations 345

Part VI: The Part of Tens 383

Chapter 18: Ten Common Math Errors to Avoid 385

Chapter 19: Ten Mistakes to Avoid on the Praxis Reading and Writing Exams 389

Index 395
Get the ultimate guide to the Praxis® Core AcademicSkills for Educators, complete with practice tests

The Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators test hasreplaced the Praxis (PPST) as the pre-certification exam foreducators, and plenty has changed. The new exam still testscompetency in reading, writing, and mathematics, but the bar hasbeen raised and the focus is more on critical thinking to providestates and agencies better candidate qualification indicators. Thenew test is aligned with the College and Career Readiness Standardsand the Common Core State Standards, with expanded testing thatmore accurately reflects the nation's changing educationalstandards.

Praxis® For Dummies, with online practice tests isthe ultimate study guide for the exam. As an educator, you know howthorough preparation can effect performance, and this is one examthat requires your very best. The book contains a detailed overviewso you know what to expect on test day, and three full-lengthpractice exams that allow you to work out the kinks in advance.Completely geared toward the new test, Praxis® CoreFor Dummies, with online practice tests features the mostupdated information on the market.
* Learn which topics you know well by answering hundreds of testquestions
* Understand how to prepare for the required essays
* Hone your test-taking skills with strategies that will help youace the exam

The book also includes access to practice tests online as wellas detailed answer explanations that helps you discover your weakareas in time to improve them. While outdated study guides are sureto leave you unprepared, Praxis® Core For Dummies,with online practice tests is your ultimate study guide to oneof the most important tests you'll ever take.

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